The Most High Ruleth – Dan 4

Nebuchadnezzar was so proud of himself and his accomplishments. His kingdom was very great and he felt that the city of Babylon showed his greatness to the world (v.30). But all his pride was about to come crashing down.

Sometime before, he had a dream in which he was described as a mighty tree that would be cut down and made like an animal for seven years. Daniel, who interpreted the dream once again, challenged him to “break off thy sins by righteousness and thine iniquities by shewing mercy to the poor” (v.27).

He didn’t and so God humbled him and showed to Nebuchadnezzar and to the watching world that He is the most high, that He rules in the kingdom of men, that He gives that human kingdom to whomever He wills, and that sets up over it the basest of men (v.17).

What a lesson this is for us! Never should we think we are anything. God is on the throne. God is in control. God will humble the proud. None of us can or should question what God does. Instead, we should submit to Him and glorify Him.

Another interesting thing that happens in this chapter is that Nebuchadnezzar turns to his inept magicians once again for interpretation. When they fail, he finally turns to Daniel, the one who had proven to be reliable and to whom he should have turned in the first place (v.6-8). How often do we look to other sources for guidance when the only reliable place is the Word of God!

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