The Search for Wisdom – Prov 2

Wisdom is not something that comes easily or without any effort. It is available for all, but those who want it must really desire it. Notice the language of Prov 3:1-4…receive…hide..incline your ear…apply your heart…cry after knowledge…lift up your voice for understanding…seek wisdom as silver and search as for hid treasure.

The benefits of searching for wisdom and really wanting it is that we will find it and the Lord will gracious give it to us. He will personally bless and protect those who seek Him. His wisdom will protect us from dangerous individuals (v.12-15 the evil man and v.16-19 the strange woman).

There are really only two paths in life to take (v.21-22). The path of God’s wisdom which leads to life and blessing or the path of sinners which leads to destruction. Those who would follow God’s path must genuinely want it, they must listen, they must hear, they must desire God’s way, and those who do will find that God is wanting to be found and wanting to give wisdom.

How hungry are you for wisdom? How much do you search in God’s Word for wisdom? How eager are you to learn and to listen, especially to those who are teaching the truths of God’s Word?

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