The Wages of Sin Is Death – Jer 6

Sin is breaking God’s laws and going against His ways. Yet men often sin and don’t care. To most people, it doesn’t matter what God thinks.

But, as we see in Jeremiah 6, God will punish sin. Of course, He desires that men repent and be forgiven, but if they persist then judgment will come.

Jeremiah 6 is another warning from God’s prophet designed to make them repent before grevious judgment falls.

Notice that the cause of the punish is God himself instructing the Babylonians in how to punish Judah (v.6).

Let us never underestimate the seriousness of sin. When God in His love reveals so much truth to us and we go against that love and truth, there can only be one consequence – the wages of sin is death!

  • What sins are we taking lightly?
  • What sins are we justifying and rationalising?
  • How much does it bother us that our sin bothers God?

May the warning of what happens to those who sin cause us to repent and turn to the Lord.

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