There is Hope – Isa 61

Hope is the fuel that keeps us going. Without hope, we despair and give up. Isaiah 61 is a chapter full of hope.

It gives hope to Israel that God’s Messiah will come to bring good news, to heal, to set free, to comfort, and to set them up in a way that brings God great glory.

It also gives us hope because Jesus fulfilled the first part of Isaiah 61 when He came the first time (Luke 4:16). The rest of the chapter will be fulfilled the second time He comes.

There is hope for all people because Jesus has come and will come. There is hope because Jesus is the One who has good news for us.

He binds up our broken hearts. He sets us free from sin. He looses us from those chains that bind us. He comforts those who mourn. He will that which has been torn down.

Through faith in Him, Christians can become priests of the Lord and ministers of God. Just as God will one day bless Israel literally with the promises of this chapter, we know that those of us who believe on Jesus get in on many of the blessings as well.

Don’t despair. Hope in Jesus. He is anointed and empowered to preach good tidings.

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