They Fell on Their Faces (Numbers 16)

Numbers 16:4 “he fell upon his face” 16:22 “they fell upon their faces” 16:45 “they fell upon their faces”

Three times in this chapter, Moses fell upon his face. Twice Aaron was included in this posture of intense prayer to God. They were faced with the most serious rebellion and trial yet. Hundreds of respected men in Israel, led by several prominent Levites, stood up to them, criticising their leadership and their right to be in charge. As Moses and Aaron were appointed by God, this was really a rebellion against God.

No doubt the words of these men hurt Moses and Aaron fiercely, but they had the right response. They did not try to defend themselves. They repeatedly fell on their faces before God in prayer and looked to Him for wisdom and direction. They trusted in the Lord to fight for them and to make His will known.

This is what we should do when faced with opposition, difficulty, and criticism. Look to the Lord. Let Him show us where we have done wrong. Let Him guide and direct. These attacks are more than just human disagreements; they are spiritual battles that can only be won with spiritual weapons and God’s power.

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