They That Be Wise – Dan 12

As God’s revelation to Daniel about end times drew to a close, he talked about a group of wise people. These people who are wise will shine as the brightness of the sky. They will turn others to righteousness as well.

This is talking about believing Jews who are wise enough to understand who their Messiah is and what the real purpose of life is. As we think about the future and what God has in store for Israel and for this world, we need to be wise as well.

We need the wisdom to keep looking into God’s Word for direction. We need wisdom to focus on God’s plan. We need wisdom to tell others about what God’s Word says and about who Jesus Christ is.

How wise are you being? Are you looking into the Word, keeping your focus on Jesus, and telling others? Or are you foolishly doing your own thing, ignoring what God is doing in the world?

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