This Beginning of Miracles – John 2

This beginning of miracles did Jesus in Cana of Galilee, and manifested forth his glory; and his disciples believed on him.” — John 2:11

The first miracle of Jesus involved turning water into wine at a wedding feast. Though His first miracle seems to be a reaction to a need and a request by His mother, we know that God knows all things and certainly allowed these things to happen.

He chose the setting for His first miracle. A more private gathering, with just a few disciples and the wedding guests. A scene of joy and a generous gift to the newly wed couple.

What we learn from this first miracle is that:

  1. Jesus is God and can overrule the laws of nature.
  2. Jesus is worthy of glory and praise.
  3. Jesus came to bring joy and grace (see John 1:17).
  4. Jesus is a great improvement over the law, just as the later wine was better than the earlier wine.
  5. Jesus wants us to believe on Him as His disciples did in John 2:11.

As we consider this first miracle and all the other amazing things Christ did, including rising from the dead (John 2:19), may we realise how glorious He is and believe on Him. May we rejoice in the joy and grace He brings. May we be grateful that there is a way to be righteous, through faith in Jesus, without the law.

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