Trembling at God’s Word – Isa 66

What frightens you? What would cause you to shake or tremble with fear? What comes to mind is probably not the word of God.

Yet, in Isaiah 66, that is exactly what God says should make us tremble. We should tremble because of who God is and because we have a ‘poor and contrite spirit’.

If we have this level of respect, reverence, and humility, then God will look to us. God will bless those who do with so many incredible comforts and blessings talked about in this chapter.

God will also punish those who don’t tremble at His Word. They will be punished for all eternity (see v.24).

When we consider…

  • the greatest of the God, how He made everything
  • the blessings that come from listening to God
  • the curses and eternal destruction that comes from rejecting God

…how can we not tremble at His Word?

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