Two Invitations – Prov 9

The appeals of Lady wisdom and the foolish woman are summarised in Proverbs 9. Lady Wisdom carefully builds her house, prepares a feast, and invites all the simple and ignorant to the feast (v.1-5). Those who come to wisdom’s table will enjoy a rich feast that leads to life (v.6). The foolish woman carelessly invites all passersby to come into her house to enjoy ‘stolen water’ and ‘secret bread’ (v.13-17). Such promises seem pleasant for the moment but lead to death and hell (v.18).

How we respond to these two invitations will make all the difference in our lives (v.7-11). Will we scorn and mock the reproofs and rebukes of wisdom? Or will we love the rebukes that make us wiser and increase in learning? If we fear the Lord and come to know the holy God, we will be blessed in many ways. It will usually lead to a longer life and to great blessing.

The person who has the most to gain or to lose by our choices is ourselves (v.12). If we are wise, then we will receive the benefits of wisdom. If we mock wisdom, then we alone will bear the pain that comes from ignoring wisdom’s warnings.

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