Walk Charitably – Romans 14

But if thy brother be grieved with thy meat, now walkest thou not charitably. Destroy not him with thy meat, for whom Christ died.’ — Romans 14:15

It must be pride that causes us to want to judge others so much. Though we are commanded to have discernment, to judge righteous judgment, and to contend for the faith, we are not to have a critical, striving spirit toward others. Notice some of the instructions of Romans 14:

  • Don’t get involved in ‘doubtful disputations’ (arguing about unclear things) (v.1).
  • Don’t despise those who have different opinions on different things (v.2).
  • Don’t judge others for their stand; God will do that (v.4).
  • Judge yourself to make sure you are not doing anything to cause a brother to stumble (v.13).
  • Walk in love, being careful to not cause grief to your brother (v.15).
  • Serve Christ by showing love toward your brothers in Christ (v.18).
  • Follow after things which make for peace and things that build others up (v.19).
  • Don’t destroy the work of God over petty things (like meat) (v.20).
  • Give up your liberties rather than cause a weak brother to stumble or be offended (v.21).
  • Exercise liberties privately and make sure that your liberties can truly be exercised in faith (v.22-23).

These are wonderful instructions that would bring so much peace and harmony to Christian relationships. We often are so harsh and critical of one another. We need the Lord to help us walk much more charitably with one another.

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