We Are the Clay – Isa 64

Watching a potter fashion clay is impressive. From a formless lump comes a beautiful vase or bowl. The role of the potter is to use thought, skill and power to shape the clay. The role of the clay is to surrender, to be moldable.

This will be the attitude of the believing remnant at the end of the tribulation, when God comes down to judge His adversaries and to deliver Israel. They will finally be submissive to the potter’s hands.

How moldable are we? Do we get fixed in our attitudes, actions and will? Do we rigidly refuse to give in to the potter’s hands?

Or do we surrender and let Him shape us and make us into the image He wants us to be? God desires to make us like Jesus. But unless we surrender to His will, we will need to be broken and crushed before He can use us.

Today, may God help us to surrender. May God help us to yield. May God be able to fashion us more like Jesus today.

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