Where Are the Lions Now? – Nah 2

Another thing I remember from my visit to the British Museum were Assyrian reliefs graphically portraying lion hunts. Many walls were decorated with the kings showing their might by hunting down and kill lions. Possibly the lions were bred for hunting and the hunt was staged, but it shows how much they wanted to boast of their power.

In Nahum 2, God taunts the Assyrian kings with the questions of, “Where is the dwelling of the lions and the feedingplace of the young lions…?” In other words, where are all the powerful lions now?

The reason for this question is that God is decreeing judgment on Nineveh and the Assyrians for their violence and their sin. He vividly described how the invaders would take the city.

There is only one “lion” that should be feared and who will reign forever – the lion of the tribe of Judah, Jesus Christ. He came to die as a lamb, but he is the lion-lamb of Revelation who will rule and reign forever. All other lions will fall and fail.

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