While I Live, I will Praise the Lord – Ps 146

So many great truths in this Psalm:

  • v.1-2 Praise the Lord while we live and have any being. All of life is about praising God.
  • v.3-4 Do not put any trust in men who cannot help us and who will perish.
  • v.5-6 Happy and blessed are those who have God’s help and who hope in the Lord that made all things and keeps truth forever.
  • v.7-9 The Lord executes judgment for the oppressed, gives food to the hungry, frees the prisoners, opens the eyes of the blind, raises those who are bowed down, loves the righteous, preserves the strangers, relieves the fatherless and widow, and turns the way of the wicked upside down.
  • v.10 The Lord will reign forever, for all generations, so let us praise Him.

Questions for us to consider:

  1. Do we live life for the sole purpose of praising the Lord?
  2. Or do we put our trust and hope in others and look to them for help?
  3. Are we hoping in the Lord God?
  4. Are we confident that He will keep His truth?
  5. Do we come to Him for all our needs and cares?
  6. Will we submit under His righteous rule and do we acknowledge His eternal reign in our lives?

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