With Your Buddies in Hell? – Eze 32

Imagine opening the paper and reading your own obituary. How strange it would be to read about people lamenting your death before it happened! Ezekiel 32 is essentially Egypt’s obituary before it happened. The destruction of this wicked nation was so certain that God told Ezekiel to lament for them before it happened.

God foresaw Egypt being destroyed and desolate. He knew that many nations around her would cry and lament her passing (v.16). The only comfort for Egypt would be that she would join other wicked nations in hell (v.21 ).

What a sad thing to take comfort in! There is no comfort or rest in hell and how perverse to find some kind of joy to know that that you are not the only one suffering (v.31).

Death is certain for all of us. Hell and the lake of fire are the destiny of all who do not believe on Jesus. Don’t wait until it is too late. You have been warned. You have a chance. Believe and be saved today. Preach the gospel so others can be saved.

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