We are working hard at doing more than we ever have to get the gospel out in our city.  We are trying to knock at least 1000 doors per week.  Today, we knocked over 200 on the cityside.  We had a fairly good response.  Most of the people who were home were stay-at-home moms, but there were a few men and young people that we talked to.  They were all very friendly and only a few refused to take our literature.  Most claimed to have a church or chapel that they go to, but we invited them to visit with us and told them that we are here to be of help.  One lady said that her brother is the pastor of a Baptist church but she does not go regularly.

We are very excited about our Great Commission Saturdays at the church at 10.30 AM.  We are doing all we can to get many people involved in helping to carry out the Great Commission right here in our city.  We are organising many projects and outreaches outside the church and many things that people can do right from the church.  This will enable everyone to do something.  Several people have already expressed interested in helping us, so please pray for many in our church to participate and get a vision for this.

We are wanting to print about 10,000 new brochures to give out over the next 10 weeks, but the cost is going to be £350/$550 to print them.  You can view the Hope Brochure here.  This is the brochure that we are wanting to use and planning to print.  Right now we are printing, cutting, and folding them on our printer, but for the amount that we are going to use, it would be good to get them printed commercially.  Will you please pray about this.  Thank you so much.

Read more at bcwe.org.

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