Missionary Spotlight: Jeff Bush – Vision Baptist Missions

The first day I arrived at Bible college, I met one of the most remarkable young men I have ever known – Jeff Bush.  Jeff Bush had just returned from an internship in Peru, and he was so fired up about serving the Lord and reaching the world with the gospel.

As a young man, Jeff made a huge impact in my life.  His love for the Lord, his passion for the world, his commitment to invest in others, and his example were and continue to be a big inspiration to me.

I remember spreading out a map of the world and praying over it with Jeff.  I remember reading our Bible together and asking God to use us.  Jeff’s love for the Lord and Godly testimony have only grown over the years.

Jeff was mightily used as a missionary to Argentina planting several churches, training many men, starting a radio ministry and Bible college, and winning many souls to Christ.  Recently, God led him and his family to become the director for Vision Baptist Missions, the mission board out of our home church.

As the director of the mission, Jeff serves a very crucial role of leading, encouraging, training, recruiting, and mobilizing missionaries all around the world.  Already, there are 17 missionary families with the mission, and I am sure God will raise up many more.

Please pray for Jeff, his wife Mindy, and their children.  Pray for God to use them to raise up many new missionaries, to be a real help to the missionaries they lead, and to be able to get to full financial support so they can focus completely on the mission.  You can find more about their ministry by clicking here.

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