Missionary Spotlight: Philip Bassham – Thailand

Philip and Lori Bassham are church-planting missionaries to Thailand.  They are sent out of our home church Vision Baptist Church and are with Vision Baptist Missions.

We have known them for several years and just recently were able to spend several days with them.  We are very excited about them and their ministry to the country of Thailand.

Philip has been extensively trained for ministry through going to Bible college, the Our Generation Training Center, and practical experience.  He and Lori have an incredible love for the Lord, and they are getting ready to leave for the field very soon.

They only need a few more supporting churches to partner with them before they leave.  Please go to projectthailand.net to find out more information, to sign up for their prayer letter, and to partner with them.

You can pray with them about the following 5 things:

  • That God will help them as they begin to learn the language in just a few months.
  • For wisdom and strength as they pack things up and move over there.
  • For guidance as they buy furniture and set up a house in the new country.
  • For the right people who can teach them and influence them.
  • For 7 more supporting churches.

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