Our Generation Summit


We live in one of the most exciting times in history! We have the ability to use many of the modern methods of travel and communication to reach more people with the gospel than before!

Unfortunately, these advantages have not necessarily made us more aware or more willing to reach the world for Christ. The tools we have at our disposal have often made us “busier” and more preoccupied with pointless pursuits rather than world evangelism.

But imagine what could be accomplished if we used all these tools, these resources, and their advantages to their full potential! What could be done for Christ if every resource and moment was dedicated to God and used to carry the glorious gospel to the ends of the earth!

This winter, I want to encourage all of my friend in the United States with a heart for God and a desire to do something more for God to attend the Our Generation Summit in Pigeon Forge, TN. The summit is an annual missions-centred retreat for the whole family and the whole church.

The summit is complete with workshops for all interests and ages, fun activities, and opportunities to learn more about world evangelism and how you can be involved, whether a businessman or a student, a mom or a missionary.

If you desire to make your life count for God and for eternity, I hope that you will consider attending the summit this year. Click for more info.

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