Special Project – Final Building Renovations

Northwest Baptist Church is a church that we started many years ago in Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

This year, through the donations of many generous partners, the church was able to purchase and begin renovations on their own building.

Major progress has been made. The church is hoping to move into the building soon. To do so, they are needing some help with the ‘finishing touches’.

Would you please look at the list below and consider giving toward one or more of the areas below?

  • $1588 (£1191) Roof-work & exterior paint
  • $1550 (£1200) Kitchen and appliances
  • $1550 (£1200) Meeting room
  • $447 (£343) Hallway and stairs
  • $975 (£700) Bathroom
  • $975 (£700) Guest room
  • $1750 (£1300) Communal room
  • $975 (£700) Pastor’s apartment bedroom
  • $2000 (£1500) Pastor’s living room/kitchen
  • $450 (£300) Loft/attic ladder and storage
  • $2650 (£2000) Miscellaneous/sundry
  • $14,985 (£11,148) TOTAL

The goal is to get all this major building work finished so that Pastor James and the church can focus more time and energy on reaching out to the community.

Click here to get updates on how much has been given. And go here to find out ways to give to the project.

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