The Center for World Evangelism

According to Dr. Don Sisk, “At one time, our Bible colleges had 25% of their graduates going to the foreign mission field. Today, that number is far less than 5%!”

The only way to reach the world in our generation is to train more missionaries. Instead of decreasing the number of missionaries that are trained and sent out, we must accelerate the rate.

The Our Generation Training Center and Vision Baptist Missions have experienced great blessings in the last decade. 90% of those who graduate from the training center end up on the foreign field. Vision Baptist Missions now has 64 missionaries representing 25 countries.

Both the Training Center and the Mission are wanting to do much more in the years ahead to get more highly-trained missionaries to the field. In order to accommodate more students, a “Center for World Evangelism” is needed which can house both students and mission staff.

This will require purchasing land and building a building. The first phase is going to cost about $2 million. If 400 individuals or churches gave $5000, the goal would be met. Would you pray about what you can do?

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