Report: Vision London and Northern Ireland by Austin Gardner

My pastor, Austin Gardner recently visited with us and wrote a report about his trip on his blog here. I wanted to repost the article in its entirety here on my website. I thought you might enjoy hearing about his trip and his thoughts about the work here in Europe. I am so thankful for my […]

Repost: The Hard Part of Missions by Jake Taube

My good friend Jack Taube, who is a missionary and church planter to China, wrote the following excellent article about “The Hard Part of Missions.” Many people waste so much effort trying to overcome imaginary challenges instead of focusing on the really difficult tasks that are worth their efforts. Read below for more about this. I […]

Should We Keep on Preaching to Those Who Won’t Listen?

This is a tough questions to answer. It is one that every evangelist, missionary, and Christian had probably wrestled with at some point in their ministry. How many times to you keep telling the gospel to those who reject it? Is there ever a point where you give up on the resistant? What about God’s instructions to […]

“The Worst Thing”

Philippians 1:28 And in nothing terrified by your adversaries… The worst thing that could happen to us as Christians is not that we be hurt, harmed, or killed, but that we become afraid, silent, and cowardly in the work of the gospel. Often, “the worst” never comes, but the fear of “the worst” is all that is necessary to […]

How To Keep Preaching the Gospel

As Paul reflected on his ministry before King Agrippa, he attributed his ability to continue on to the help of God. In a vision from God, he was instructed to preach the gospel to the Gentiles. When he preached, he faced deadly opposition from the Jews. He endured much more than he summarized in the verses below. […]

Week of Outreach & Training in Sunderland, Northern England

I spent last week in the city of Sunderland in the northern England helping a good friend of mine, Alan Campbell, and Bethesda Free Church with Reach 2013.  Reach is a week of training and evangelism for young people designed to help them grow in their faith, develop their evangelism skills, and encourage boldness in […]

“Who Needs the Gospel?” – by a Missionary to North Africa

A friend of mine, who is a missionary to North Africa, wrote the following article that I wanted to pass on to you.  May God help us to change our thinking about the need to get the gospel out. Over the last seven years I have challenged Christians in hundreds of churches all over the […]

The 11 Commandments of Missions

My pastor send me this and I wanted to pass it along. William Carey and his team set forth principles that still guide us today in mission work. Here are excerpts from the “Form of Agreement” drafted by Carey and his colleagues in October 1805. The Redeemer, in planting us in this heathen nation, rather […]

Halloween Outreach

Over the past weekend, we passed out about 5000 leaflets to the people who were in the city for Halloween.  Derry has one of the largest Halloween festivals in Europe, so it is a great opportunity to reach out. We print up the tract with the text below and went out on Saturday, Sunday, and […]