Another Soul Saved Through All Ireland Tract Outreach

Here is a testimony of a man getting saved through the “Missing Answer” tract outreach.  Praise the Lord! Friday 24th April Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days. Ecclesiastes 11:1 The Lord gave another victory last night. A man sent an e-mail to the all Ireland tract outreach […]

Missing Answer Update

Here is a note from Pastor David O’Gorman in Dublin “I just received a phone call from a believer called Tony in Townsend Street in Dublin city. Two of his neighbors received the tract and asked him what it was about. He took them to a coffee shop and spent an hour and a half […]

He That Winneth Souls Is Wise

 Proverbs 11:30 The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise. I read this verse today in my devotions and asked the Lord to help us to win souls.  God answered my prayers today and allowed Teri and I the privilege of leading our neighbour lady to […]

Update on Missing Answer Outreach

This came from Missionary Lionel Smith from Cork who is involved in the outreach.  Please pray for these men. Yesterday, I made two visits to contacts from the tract outreach. One man phoned Missing Answers and the other man “went to the website, searched for the closest church to him and then got the phone […]

Responses from Tract Outreach

Here is a one of the first responses from the Missing Answer Tract Outreach: Brothers, The first person to reply to the tract outreach in our area is named M————–. She called the Lifegate phone number Saturday and She came to church Sunday. She has been to several groups over the years we believe she […]

Tract Outreach Prayer Chain

I want to ask you to be in prayer over the next five weeks for a special outreach in the Republic of Ireland.  A gospel tract is being mailed to every in the Republic.  16 different Independent Baptist churches are participating in the project.  We are trying to encourage as many people as possible to […]

Republic of Ireland Tract Outreach Overview

OVERVIEW   PRESS RELEASE   Baptist Churches to get the gospel message into every home.   Dublin, Ireland. 30th March 2009. Every home in the Republic of Ireland will receive a leaflet containing a message of hope from the Bible during the month of April 2009.   Sixteen Independent Baptist churches are working together on […]

Muslims and Missionaries

We have really got to do something to reach the Muslim world.  Here are some numbers that my friend with Project North Africa sent me. Here are some numbers taken from the stats department of World Vision: Today, there are less than 3 missionaries for every 1 million Muslims. Only 6% of Christian workers are […]

Pray for Tomorrow

I kinda slacked off on my visiting and outreach over the last couple of weeks with the holidays and my parents visiting with us.  I took advantage of the opportunity to have my dad’s help to do some much needed repairs to my house. This week, however, we started back visiting regularly.  We went out visiting […]


I just read a good article about a great way to stay in touch with alot of people via texting which is a very popular way to communicate here in the UK especially.  I in checking on getting this for our church right now.