Congratulations to Micah & Katie Smith!

Teri’s brother Micah and his wife Katie just had their baby late on Wednesday night, and I wanted to send a word of congratulations to them.  I will post a picture and more details when I have them.

Family Photo

The kids aren’t looking the happiest but this is the best one of the group we took.

Pray for Ruth Kidder’s Family

My mother’s grandmother, Ruth Kidder, passed away this past Saturday night at about midnight.  She was 98 years old and blessed with a very healthy life.  Please pray for all of her family that God will comfort them and work in their hearts at this time.  We all loved Grandma Kidder alot.  She was a […]

Grant Came Home

Grant was able to come home last night from the hospital.  He was doing very well today, so we praise the Lord for helping him.  Thank you for praying. Please pray for us as we have our Wedding Vow Renewal service tomorrow, and then tomorrow night is our last service at our current hotel.  We […]

Update on Grant

Thank you for praying for Grant.  The Lord helped his oxygen levels to stay up last night so he got a real good nights rest and is doing well at the hospital today.  Apparently with the Lord’s help, the antibiotics are starting to kick in to fight his infection.  If he is able to stay off […]

Please Pray for Grant

I want to ask you to be in prayer for Grant.  We had to take him into the hospital last night because he was coughing alot, struggling to catch his breath, and wheezing.  This is the same thing he had about 8 weeks.  The doctor’s say it is a viral infection that has gotten into his […]

My Wonderful Family

I had one of the most wonderful days today because I spent it with the most wonderful people – my family. I praise God for my beautiful, faithful wife, Teri, who is always so supportive and loving to me and who takes such wonderful care of our children. Darci is 7.5 months now.  She is […]

Teri’s Parents are Coming!

We are so excited that Teri’s parents are coming to visit with us for 10 days.  They arrive at the Belfast airport tomorrow morning.  We are picking them up from the airport and then we fly out in the afternoon to visit a pastor friend of ours, Ian Jamieson, in Blackpool, England.  We will stay […]

Max & Dedre Snode

We had a wonderful time with my parents who came over to visit us for the past 4 weeks.  They left yesterday and made it home to Atlanta safely.  They will be driving back to Ohio from there.I owe so much to my parents.  They have made a hugh investment in my life.  From the […]

Good Time Away

Teri and I did something that we have not done in 11 months.  We left the kids with my parents last night and went away to Carrickfergus for the night.  We had a great time together relaxing and talking.  We went to IKEA in Belfast this morning and then stopped by to visit with our […]