Teri is home and feeling well! Praise God!

Teri was able to come home at about 5.00 PM tonight.  She is feeling great and all of the tests on her heart and lungs have come back clear, so they think it may have just been a pinched nerve or a real severe case of indigestion that caused the chest pain. Thank you very […]

Update on Teri

I just wanted to give you an update on Teri.  She has been in the hospital all day today and will probably have to stay all day tomorrow as well.  She is completely fine now, but they the doctors want to do some more tests on her to make sure that nothing serious is wrong.  […]

Pray for Teri

This morning at 4.30 AM GMT Teri began to have some serious chest pains.  They subsided at 7.00 AM and she is doing well, but the doctors are wanting to keep her in the hospital until at least tomorrow morning so they can run tests.  Thank you for keeping her in your prayers.

Thanksgiving in Northern Ireland

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day today.  In the morning, I went with Ronnie Smith up to Carndonagh to see about holding a gospel outreach in that town next year.  In the afternoon, we relaxed some and then painted some of Grant’s room.  In the evening, we had a wonderful meal with some friends of […]

Family News

I read the following quote off of Pastor Austin Gardner’s quote of the day and though I would just write a bit of family news: “Obedience to the call of Christ nearly always costs everything to two people – the one who is called, and the one who loves that one.” – Oswald Chambers New […]

News from Home

Dave Craig from our home church in Carrollton, OH sent us the following pictures from this past Sunday at our church.  It was great to see pictures of our pastor David Powell and his wife Kathy (on the right), whose son Jonathon is helping us right now for 3 months.  Also, on the left is […]

Day After

I must say that we were all real tired after yesterday.  Today, we did not do much other than just be together as a family and relax.  We did make chocolate chip cookies together and packaged them to take to the visitors that came on Sunday.  Also, Jonathon and I went with another pastor to […]

Update on Grant

Just a quick update on Grant’s hand.  He burnt it on the oven top on Wednesday night.  We kept ice on it for about 7 hours and put some jel on it.  The pain finally subsided and he slept good.  On Thursday, we took him to the doctor who told us to take him the […]


My brother Harley and his wife Heidi just had their baby on yesterday at 11.00 PM.  The baby was 8 lb., 7 oz, and everyone is doing well.  The baby boy’s name is Landon Robert.  Harley and Heidi live in Flint, MI, and work at Dixie Baptist Church.  They are such a blessing to us, […]