What It’s Like To Be a Christian in North Africa During Ramadan

Jillian is a good friend of Teri and I. She and her husband are working to spread the gospel in North Africa. I wanted to repost an article she wrote about the challenges Christians face during Ramadan for believing in Christ in North Africa. Please pray for the Christian there and for the work of […]

News from South Africa: 3 Challenges to Ministry in the Townships

Kevin Hall is a church-planting missionary working in the Xhosa-speaking townships in Port Elisabeth, South Africa. I have known Kevin for a long time. We were both students in Bible college at the same time. We worked construction together while in college. And we have been privileged to remain friends in the ministry for over a […]

News from Bolivia: Opportunity to Help with Church Land Purchase

Kevin White is one of my missionary friends in Bolivia. I have know him for many years. We were in Bible college together, and I am thankful to know him. I wanted to pass along an update about some land for which he is trying to raise money. The land will be for one of the churches […]

Repost: The Lofty Status of Peons

My good friend Jake Taube has lots of insightful things to say on his blog. This post especially challenged me in my view of who I am as a servant of Christ, and I hope it will help you. I’ve just got one more post I want to share about our getting the boot. The drama […]

Repost: An Open Letter to Parents

Pastor Trent Cornwell wrote the following open letter to the parents of our home church in America. I thought his letter was very helpful. I don’t imagine that there is anything more challenging than seeing your children and grandchildren go off to the mission field. Maybe this letter will help you as you consider this […]

Repost: We Have Stopped Supporting Your Ministry

source The following is a must read as you develop your mission’s philosophy in your local church. Issues Facing Missions Today: 14 ‘We Have Stopped Supporting Your Ministry’ 1 December, AD 51 Dear Paul, Silas, and Timothy, Greetings from Antioch. We trust you are well and that your ministry in Corinth is also continuing well. Our […]

Repost: 10 Reasons to Visit Your Missionary

source I can’t imagine why anyone would actually need a reason to visit your missionary, but here are some things to think about.  And maybe in the near future you can plan your family vacation (yes, people actually do this!) around a mission’s trip! You will be able to pray more specifically for them. You have no […]

7 Tips for Times of Transition

Transitional times in life and ministry can be challenging. For over eighteen months, we have been in a transition from our home in Northern Ireland, to America for ten months, back to Northern Ireland for two months, and then on to London. We have another couples months of transition as we look for a new […]

An Open Letter to a Great Home Church

Teri and I are blessed to have wonderful families and friends who are so supportive of us and the work to which God has led us. We also have many supporting churches who faithfully pray, give, and encourage us each month. At the heart of our support team is our home church, Vision Baptist Church. […]

5 Important Factors About Where to Plant a Church

For the last four months, I have been surveying the city of London and asking the following questions: In a city of 8.5 million, where should we plant a church? Where can we plant a church that will make the greatest difference in this city? Where is the most effective place to plant a church […]