Map of Baptist Churches in Ireland and the UK

I have been working recently on trying to identify where Bible-believing, Bible-preaching churches are in Europe, specifically in Ireland and the United Kingdom.  I stole an idea from Pastor Martin Wickens about a Google Map, and, with his help, put together the map below.

This map lists churches that, as far as we know, are Bible-believing, Bible-preaching Baptist churches.  To be listed on this map is not necessarily an endorsement of the church.  The purpose of this map is to identify where Baptist churches are and where churches need to be planted in Europe.

If you have any corrections or additions to this map, please email  It is still a work in progress, so we would love any imput that you have.  Most of the churches listed are in Ireland or the United Kingdom.  If you can help identify churches in the rest of Europe, please let us know.

View European Baptist Churches in a larger map

2 thoughts on “Map of Baptist Churches in Ireland and the UK

  1. Having searched Bristol area for quite a long time, now realise there is a great need for Bible Believing, Bible Preaching Churches, haven’t managed to find a KJV one yet. Bristol (as you know) is a very large city with lots of places of worship, but finding it difficult to locate one near where I hope to move to in June/July.

  2. We certainly need to be praying for laborers for Bristol. When I visited there, I was impressed with the need as well.

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