Repost: The Contagious Chain of Missionary Zeal

I read this great post by Nathan Busenitz today about how the life of one person can affect another who can in turn affect another. Since we have the advantage of being able to look back at history and see this, we should make decisions today that, with God’s help, can impact others in the future. The […]

Article by Teri: “They Sent Away Rebekah”

And they sent away Rebekah their sister, and her nurse, and Abraham’s servant, and his men. And they blessed Rebekah, and said unto her, Thou art our sister, be thou the mother of thousands of millions, and let thy seed possess the gate of those which hate them. (Genesis 24:59, 60 KJV) Rebekah’s family here […]

From Teri: What Furlough Did to My Kids

My family and I worked as church planters in Northern Ireland for 8 years. In September of 2013, we came back to the States for a 10-month furlough. Our furlough is actually over now, and we have now returned to Northern Ireland. But it might surprise most people that I was NOT excited about returning […]

Should a Missionary Start with a Man or a Ministry?

If you’ve never listened to Pastor and Missionary Austin Gardner’s podcast, sample a recent one called “Man or Ministry“.  It will be worth your time! Week after week, this podcast will teach you more about church planting, leader training, culture adaptation, and much more.  Also, you’ll hear encouraging interviews from other missionaries from around the world. Help […]

How to Give Out the Gospel

Pastor Dennis Leatherman from Mountain Lake Baptist Church in Oakland, MD sent out the following on “How to Give Out the Gospel.”  I thought it was very helpful. Paul spoke highly of the church at Thessalonica. He held them up as a model church and declared them to be “rapture ready.” The church had a […]

Audio Message: Can We Really Reach the Entire World?

Several weeks ago, I preached a message called “Simple Math – The Power of Discipleship” at North Pointe Baptist Church in Wooster, Ohio.  In the message, we looked at God’s method for how we can reach the entire world of the gospel.  Attached below are my sermon notes, Keynote presentation slides, and link to the […]