Missions Conference Ideas

Every year, many local churches put together a missions conference.  Planning a missions conference can been very challenging, especially when trying to come up with ideas to make the conference fresh and exciting.  Here are few random ideas that I have seen and gathered from some of my missionary friends.  Special thanks to Philip Bassham […]

“The Log” – A Parable About World Missions

THE LOG By Perry Draper (Reprinted by permission from HIS, student magazine of Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, C. 1963.) It was a large log, one of the largest I’d seen. Surely some fine lumber would come from this freshly-chopped monument. This great log was being carried by several men. As the procession drew closer, I could […]

Missions 101: Part 3 – First Term on the Field

Missions 101: Part 3 – What is involved in the missionary family moving to the field and adjusting to the new culture and way of life and ministry? Preparation to Leave for the Field They must prepare themselves spiritually for the transition through prayer, counsel, and studying God’s Word. They must prepare financially for the […]

Missions 101: Part 2 – Raising Support

Missions 101: Part 2 – How does a missionary raise support and get to the field that he believes God has directed him to? First, we need to understand that where God guides, He provides. God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s support.  When God told Noah to build an ark, he […]

Missions 101: Part 1 – Becoming a Missionary

Missions 101: Part 1 – What are the steps that lead to a person becoming a missionary? First, God works in an individual’s heart about being a missionary. Because it is God’s will is that we reach the world with the gospel, He is going to work in the heart of many people to take […]

Blog Series: Benefits of Furlough

I recently put together a six-part series about the Benefits of Furlough on my blog.  I would like to invite you to click the links below to read about what furlough is and the benefits of it.  Hopefully, this will help you in your understanding of the role that furlough has in the life and […]

Missionary Spotlight: Jeff Bush – Vision Baptist Missions

The first day I arrived at Bible college, I met one of the most remarkable young men I have ever known – Jeff Bush.  Jeff Bush had just returned from an internship in Peru, and he was so fired up about serving the Lord and reaching the world with the gospel. As a young man, […]

Benefits of Furlough (6 of 6) For the Mission Work

Up to this point, all the benefits I have mentions have been fairly obvious, I think.  But this final benefit is one that I only realized recently.  I was talking with missionary Keith Shumaker about furlough one time.  I asked him while he was on furlough whether it was difficult to be away from the […]

Benefits of Furlough (5 of 6) For the Missionary’s Supporters

One huge reason to take a furlough is to be a blessing an encouragement to those churches and individuals who have supported the missionary.  Reporting in to supporting churches is a very Biblical thing to do.  Acts 14:26-28 says, “And thence sailed to Antioch, from whence they (Paul and Barnabas) had been recommended to the grace […]

Benefits of Furlough (4 of 6) For the Missionary’s Relatives

So far, we have looked at the benefits of furlough to the missionary and to the missionary’s family.  Furlough also is a benefit to the missionary’s relatives. Jim Eliot said, “The cross of Christ falls hardest on the home,” and the departure of a missionary family costs their extended family the most.  I once asked […]