2012 Men’s Retreat in Waterford, Ireland

On Thursday, James, Grant, and I left for Waterford and the Men’s Retreat hosted by Bible Baptist Church in Ballincollig, Cork. We had a wonderful time at the Retreat.  It was great to worship God and be challenged along with many other men from all across Ireland.

The theme of the Retreat was the life of Abraham and his faith.  We heard messages about how to Encouraging our Sarah, The Faith of Isaac, Getting Rid of Hagars, How to Get Right with God, and Being a Friend of God.  The preaching and singing was fantastic.  (You can watch a couple videos below.)

The main event was the preaching of the Word of God, but the retreat also featured much time for fellowship, great food, and the opportunity to hike and relax.  It was excited to see an old building that used to be a monastery being used to preach the gospel and encourage men to walk with God.

I was also really excited about a meeting that focused on European Baptist Church Planting.  We heard from various missionaries/pastors around the country about the problems, opportunities, and ideas to help us reach not only Ireland with Europe with the gospel.  Nearly 700 million people live in Europe, and the need is very great.  We need to pray for labourers!

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