31 Days of Prayer for Northwest Baptist Building Fund (2 of 31) – $2000 given yesterday!

$2000 given yesterday!

Some of you might be wondering why we (church-planters in London) are working so hard to raise money for a building for Northwest Baptist Church in Northern Ireland. Here are a few reasons why:

  • We helped to start the church in 2007, and we want to finish what we started. Planting a new church is never easy, but establishing a church can be just as difficult. That is why Paul continued to go back and confirm the churches he started (see Acts 14:22-23, 15:41, 18:23).
  • A building will ensure longevity in the community. The northwest part of Ireland has very few Bible-believing, gospel-preaching churches. Owning a building will help ensure that Northwest Baptist can continue to proclaim the gospel to that region for generations.
  • A building will greatly increase the church’s effectiveness. The kind of building we are looking for is one that will have a ground floor meeting room (the church currently meets up one flight of stairs) along with other rooms and possibly a pastor’s apartment on the upper levels. Owning this type of building will make the church accessible for more people and express the church’s commitment to being a permanent part of the community.
  • A building will allow the church to become indigenous. If all the church has to pay for is the pastor’s salary and utilities, then it will be able to become fully self-supporting more quickly, which is the goal for any church-plant.

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Thank you for praying for the need. God is already answering prayer. $2000 was given yesterday! We believe that God can provide the remaining $60,141 before the end of March.

Also Note: For those in America, the dollar to pound exchange rate is lower than normal ($1.40 to £1 vs the typical $1.55 to £1), so giving right now means your donation will go 10% further!

Building Fund Status
$75,000 – Needed
$14,859 – Donated
$60,141 – Remaining

Find out more information here.

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