$600 Donated | Building Q & A: “How Is the Building Search Coming Along?”

$600 was recently donated to the building fund for Northwest Baptist Church! We are grateful for those who generously gave. Please pray as we are considering several different buildings right now. Here is a link to the type of building we are looking at.


Below are some more answers to some frequently asked questions about the building fund for Northwest Baptist Church. Thank you for praying.

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Q. Where have the current funds come from?

We first began raising funds for the building in October 2015. Since that time, God has blessed with various churches and individuals giving sacrificially. Several have given as much as $5000 at a time, and others have given amounts of $20, $100, $300, etc. Northwest Baptist itself is also trying to put the entire offering given on every 5th Sunday toward the building fund as well. As you can see, God has provided for this project in amazing ways through all sorts of people and churches who gave as they were able. So, we are continuing to trust God to provide through His people the needed funds.

Q. How is the building search coming along?

Since we started raising funds for the building, we have been looking and praying for the right property. In April 2016, we identified the first building that we thought might be appropriate. After making many inquiries with planning (zoning) authorities, solicitors, and architects as well as making offers on several different buildings, we have learned a lot more about what type of building might be most suitable and what planning (zoning) issues are a factor.  Though we have not found the right building yet, we have not been inactive. Nearly every week, Pastor James and I discuss the building search. We are keeping abreast of any new properties on a regular basis. Pastor James continues to view properties, and we are making offers as appropriate properties come available. We believe that in God’s timing, the right building in the right location at the right price will come available.

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