7 Wonderful Years

Yesterday was our seventh wedding anniversary.  It is hard to believe that Teri and I have been married seven years.  I thought of this verse on our anniversary, Genesis 29:20, “And Jacob served seven years for Rachel; and they seemed unto him but a few days, for the love he had to her.” 

The time has really flown.  Teri, you are the woman of my dreams.  I love you more than I ever have, and I look forward to continuing to serve the Lord together for many more years, if Christ tarries His coming.

We were blessed to stay away last night in the Radisson Hotel in Limavady.  We appreciate the Evans and Lavertys watching our children, so we could have that time together.

God has been so good.  He has brought us together, and He will keep us together by His grace.  Below are a few pictures. 

Here we are on our wedding day.

Us 2

This picture was taken the day after we got married at Lakemont Baptist Church near Clayton, Georgia on our honeymoon.


On our honeymoon in Clayton, Georgia.  My cousin Tanya and her husband Darren allowed us to stay in his parent’s cabin in the mountains for free as a wedding gift!


Not long after we got married.  We were living on love.


Us in London a few years ago.  I had put on a few pounds here 🙂


In Georgia in early part of 2007.

Picture 053

4 thoughts on “7 Wonderful Years

  1. Congratulations!

    We’re excited about what God is doing through you guys up there.

    You are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Tyler and Gretchen Masters

  2. Travis
    Congrats on another year of marriage. May God bless you and your ministry. Tell Teri that she deserves a badge of honor:-)

    See ya at the Summit

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