A Big Thanks to Jason Rishel

We were privileged to have Jason Rishel with us here for the months of July and August.  Jason just graduated from Bible college. He has a real heart for the Lord and wants to be a missionary, so he came over to spend the summer and help out in the ministry.

I must say that Jason made a real impact on our church and in the lives of the people here.  From his first day here, he was serving and helping in any way that was needed.  He showed a great attitude toward people and toward the culture.  He had a real servant’s heart that made a difference.

Jason, thank you so much for all your work with the Summer Celebration 4 Kids, the Teen Camp, our outreach magazine, the Sunday children’s club, building repairs, and all the other things you did.  We certainly will miss you and pray for you as God leads you forward.

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