All Ireland Tract Outreach

Yesterday, I travelled about 4 hours down to Lucan, Ireland (just outside Dublin) to meet with 13 other missionaries/pastors about a gospel mailout to every one of the 1.7 million homes in the Republic of Ireland.

Some of these men have been working on this for 4 years raising the money and putting together the plans.  It was exciting to meet up with like-minded men who have a heart for God and for souls.  The following men were at the meeting and I am sure others would have come if they could have:

  • Dan Canavan (Dundrum)
  • Stephen Finley (Athlone)
  • Less Hill (Lucan)
  • Gen McKinley (Mullingar)
  • Oriel O’Gorman (Arklow)
  • David O’Gorman (Dublin)
  • Derry O’Sullivan (Blanchardstown)
  • Dan Pero (Bray)
  • Lionel Smith (Cork)
  • Tom Wallace (Drogheda)
  • Bob Zemeski (Leixlip)

It was exciting to see the good spirit of co0peration in the meeting.  Basically what is planned is to mail a gospel brochure to every home in the Republic in April 2009, using the Irish Post for rural areas and a special delivery company for urban areas.  On the brochure is an invitation to receive a John and Romans and to start a free correspondence Bible study.  Each person who wants more information will be directed to the pastor in their area and that pastor/church will be responsible to follow up with them.

Ways that you can get involved in this outreach event:

  • Pray.  If you or your church would like to sign up to fast and pray for this outreach one day in one of the first 13 weeks of the year leading up to April, let me know what week you will be fasting and praying in by commenting on this blog or emailing me at  If you like, I can email you a brochure on specific things to pray for in regards this tract outreach.
  • Give.  Nearly 150,000 Euros has already been given to this outreach, but we are trying to raise another 40,000 Euros to advertise it and create buzz about the brochures that will be coming to homes.  If you would like to give, just make your check out to “Macedonia World Baptist Missions” and send your check to Macedonia World Baptist Mission, P.O. Box 519, Braselton, GA 30517. (Be sure to mark it “Travis Snode – All Ireland Outreach”.)
  • Come.  If you would like to come on a short mission trip to help us follow up on the contacts, then please let me know and we will get you plugged in to come visit and help us.

Below is a picture of our meeting on yesterday.


4 thoughts on “All Ireland Tract Outreach

  1. The Mission (Every Home Crusade/Revival Movement Association) I work for are printing a leaflet for something like this, wondering if its the same thing?

    Its an exciting project

    1. Yes, they said that Revival Movement Association is the one doing the printing. It is an exciting project! You guys are doing a great work over there. I came by one time to check it out and was very impressed with the work that God is doing through you all.

  2. Thanks Travis, Revival Movement is definately being used by Christ as a blessing to many around the world supplying gospels etc.
    The all Ireland tract outreach is very exciting, we’ve been praying for it in work since we heard of it.

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