April Prayer Letter

As many of you know, we have been praying for God to guide us to a different meeting place for our church. This month, the Lord really opened up some doors for us.

It has not been easy to find a new place to meet.  In the past three months, we have been turned down by schools, community centers, and several other places for different reasons.  Finally, we were able to find some rooms available at the Irish Language Center (pictured above) that just opened a brand new building in the city. This move will benefit the church in several ways. The church will save alot of money each month. The new location is in an area that is more comfortable for people from the area we are trying to reach. Lastly, there will be better parking facilities.

What is amazing about all of this is that we will be able to get out of our current lease three months early!  For the last six months, we have been trying to get out of the lease early, but our landlord would not allow it.  On the very same day that we confirmed the room availability with the Irish Language Center, we got a call from our landlord saying that another church is interested in renting our building and that he will let us out of our lease early!

Another piece of exciting news is concerning the radio.  One of the men in our church used to work at a local radio station. Last week, he arranged for me to begin speaking on the radio twice a week for about 5 minutes each session.  I give a live “Thought for the Day” on Mondays and a recorded message that plays on Sundays.  The cost is about $125 per month.

Up to this point, the doors have not opened for the youth club that we mentioned in our past letter, so we are just waiting to see what the Lord does.  We are doing a massive outreach push for our first Sunday in the new building on Easter Sunday.  Over the next 3 weeks, we will be getting out about 30,000 invitations to our Good Friday and Easter Services.  Please, please pray for God to send in visitors and to save souls on that day!

In our last letter, I mentioned that we were expecting another baby.  Unfortunately, we found out on March 25 that the baby had miscarried.  I was in England at the time preaching a missions conference for Pastor Martin Wickens, but I was able to fly back that night to be with Teri through the ordeal.  Teri is doing fine now and coping very well with it.  Things like this certainly make us appreciate the three children God has given us and the fact that we know the baby is in Heaven with the Lord.

Thank you so much for your continued prayer and financial support.  We count it a great honor to represent you here in the British Isles of Ireland and the United Kingdom!

Travis & Teri Snode

P.S.  Please contact us if your address needs to be updated or removed from our list. Also, if you would like to be added to our Rope Holders email list to whom we send prayer news/updates every Monday, please let us know.

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