Blessings & Highlight Video from 2016

This past Sunday evening, we had our annual Vision Night and AGM (Annual General Meeting – Business Meeting). We took some time to reflect on the blessings of last year and look forward to the new year. Some of the blessings of 2016 were:

  1. We made lots of improvements to our building including the walls, flooring, platform, and media desk in the main hall as well as some work outside and in the entryway and toilets.
  2. We had our first baptism service in January.
  3. We started a children’s church during the Sunday morning service.
  4. We began supporting our first two missionaries.
  5. We began having combined youth activities with a couple other local churches.
  6. We started a community coffee morning on Tuesday mornings.
  7. We saw an increase in our attendance compared to last year:
    • Ave Sunday AM: 22 people (2015) to 42 people (2016)
    • Ave Sunday PM: 11 people (2015) to 17 people (2016)
    • Ave Wednesday: 8 people (2015) to 14 people (2016).
    • First-time Visitors: 55 (2015) to 97 (2016)
  8. We had a new high attendance of 73 people on 18th December.
  9. We had £1490 donated toward the purchase of new chairs.
  10. We had several more people get involved in volunteering in the various ministries of the church.
  11. The ladies started a weekly prayer meeting and fellowship time that takes place periodically.
  12. Several young people made professions of faith this year at camp.
  13. One adult professed faith in Christ through the ministry of our church.
  14. Several people started and completed Foundations Discipleship.

Here is a highlight video that Hannah Neilly put together for us with photos from last year. Hope you enjoy.

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