Building Fund Q & A: “How Much Money?” & “How Will the Money Be Used?”

God continues to bless the work in Northern Ireland under the leadership of Pastor James Wilson. This weekend, they are having a baptism service. Pastor James also began discipleship lessons with a new man yesterday morning So, as you can see the work is going forward and God is building His church.

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Below are some more answers to some frequently asked questions about the building fund for Northwest Baptist Church. Thank you for praying. God has already provided $58,548 of the $150,000 needed!

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Q. How much money are you trying to raise?

We are hoping to raise $150,000 which we feel will go along ways toward purchasing the building. If the cost of the building supersedes this amount, we will attempt to get a small mortgage to cover the remainder. But ideally, we would prefer to pay cash for the building, so that the church has no rent/mortgage payment, can more fully support their own pastor, and do more outreach into the community.

Q. What will the money be used for?

All moneys donated to the building fund will be used for the purchase of the building and any other expenses associated with the purchase (i.e. legal fees, planning fees, etc.). The current building fund moneys are kept either at Macedonia World Baptist Missions or in a special bank account managed by Northwest Baptist Church and carefully notated. As a registered charity (NIC101124), the funds given to the church for the building are deemed “restricted” and can only be used for the building. The church also has an independent accountant that audits its books each year.

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