Chairs Filling Up, Testimony of Former Satanist, Visitor from Georgia

Brian Clark preaching
  • This past Sunday, the Lord blessed with 54 in attendance and 1 first-time visitor. We have about 60 chairs and most of those are getting filled up, so we are going to have to purchase more chairs. (If you would like to help with that, let me know at
  • Brian Clark, pastor of Crossroads Baptist Church in Bromley, preached for us. He has been a good friend and encouragement to me, helping with advice and counsel even before we moved to London.
  • In the afternoon, we heard a testimony from Danny McIlhiney, a young man who attends Brian’s church. He got involved in Satanism but met Brian on Bromley High Street one day and eventually believed on Christ.
2016-03-20 13.45.15
Danny McIlhiney sharing his testimony
  • We also had our monthly Bring and Share Lunch, which is always a wonderful time of fellowship. In the afternoon, we took some of the teens and young adults to Chelsea Community Baptist Church for a time of fellowship.
  • Today, Teri is headed to the airport to collect Carie Cuneio, a young lady from the church Teri grew up in Atlanta. She visited us two other times several years ago in Northern Ireland and has been a great blessing and friend to us and our ministry.
  • Our home church, Vision Baptist Church, celebrated 10 years yesterday. We were privileged to be involved in helping it get started years ago during one of our furloughs. We are so thankful for Pastor Gardner, Pastor Trent, Pastor Robert, and all the folks at Vision, who encourage and support us in so many ways.

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