Easter Weekend Update and Prayer Points

Happy Easter or Resurrection Sunday to you! Here in the UK, this is a long weekend for most people having Friday and Monday off.

This morning, we had a service reflecting on the sacrifice of Christ on the cross. My message, from Isaiah 50 was entitled, “The Remarkable Way That Jesus Rescues,” with the following points:

  1. Jesus rescues us even though we don’t deserve it (v.1).
  2. Jesus rescues us even though we have repeatedly rejected His attempts in the past (v.2-3).
  3. Jesus rescues us by willingly taking all the punishment we deserved (v.4-7).
  4. Jesus rescues us despite the protests of feeble critics (v.8-9).
  5. Jesus rescues all who trust in Him completely (v.10-11).

We had a good number of people in attendance with one of the young ladies in the church teaching a lesson on the cross to the children.

This afternoon, Teri was having a party at our house with several parents and children who attend the school with our children. It is a good opportunity to spend time with them and share the message of Christ’s resurrection.

Please be in prayer for our services on Easter Sunday. Pray for visitors, for the unbelieving who will hear the gospel, and then for our observance of the Lord’s Supper on Sunday night.

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