Good Time with Teri’s Parents

It has been a real nice to have Teri’s parents with us.  They flew in on December 28th and just left this morning early from Belfast.  We really enjoyed having them with us for Christmas and the New Year.  They were able to be a part of our life, the ministry of our church, and just alot of fun to be with us.  While they were here, they helped out with our Winter Retreat, some projects around our house and the church, and were a great influence on the people of our church and our own children.  I am so thankful to them for raising such a wonderful daughter Teri who is my wife and a real joy to me and all those who know here.  Below are a few photographs from their visit.  Even though we are a long ways away from them and our other family members, God is good to allow us to see them every now and then and given us friends who are like family here in this country.

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