Good Trip to USA

A week ago from today, Teri and I moved out of our house in Northern Ireland and said goodbye to our friends and co-workers there.  We packed all of our belongings into storage and headed to Belfast on the bus with our ten bags.  When we arrived, we checked into a hotel, picked up my computer from the repair shop and then filled out emergency passport forms.

Grant, Darci, and Cali and our 10 Bags

On Tuesday morning, we ran a few errands and then went to the US Consulate in the afternoon.  After a three hour wait, they issued us with our temporary six month emergency passports.  Our other passports were sent off to the UK Border Agency to get our permanent residency stamps moved from our expired passports to our new passports the beginning of June.  After contacting them the beginning of August to get our passports returned for travel, they failed to return our passports to us on time, so we had to get new ones.  Thankfully, we were able to get the emergency passports.

Bus at Dublin Airport

On Tuesday evening, we took a bus from Belfast to Dublin, stayed the night near the airport, and got up at 4am on Wednesday to fly from Dublin to London.  After a six hour layover in London, we flew about nine hours to Atlanta.  A group from our home church, Vision Baptist Church, were waiting for us at the aiport.  They drove up about an hour and half to the house we are renting in Cumming, GA.  It was blessing to come into a clean, furnished home, stocked with food, thanks to every at Vision Baptist Church.

On the plane to Atlanta

We were very tired, but due to the time different, we were all up by 5am on Thursday morning.  It was great to go to the service at our home church and give and update on Thursday night.  On Friday, I was able to participate in the class hosted by my pastor at the Our Generation Training Center.  I am thankful for the experiences God has allowed us to go through, and it was a joy to share them with the students there.

On Saturday, we went over to see Teri’s sister and family.  Sunday, we were at Vision Baptist all day, and we enjoyed fellowshipping with all the folks there.

Starting this week, we are getting into a semi-normal routine with home-schooling the children, our first meetings in Greenville, SC on Wednesday, Alpharetta, GA from Thursday to Sunday AM, and then Dalton, GA on Sunday PM.

Thank you for praying for our trip.  God really worked everything out in an amazing way.  If you need to get in touch with us while we are here in the USA, our email is the same, phone is 678-871-9610, and address is: 4745 Ansley Lane, Cumming, GA, 30040.

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