Great Day with Sam Carson

We had a great day today with our guest preacher Sam Carson and his wife Chris.  Sam pastored 4 churches over a 40 year period in Northern Ireland.  For the last 12 years since retirement, Sam had been preaching at various churches around the country.  He has written several books and a tremendous expositor of the Scripture.

We really enjoyed his preaching today.  He taught on “Common Salvation” in the morning service about how salvation is exclusive to none and for the benefit of all.  In the afternoon, following lunch, we looked at the passover in Exodus 12.  The phrase “in the evening” refers back to the death of Christ, “in the morning” to the return of Christ, and “in the night” to our spiritual feast of knowing and growing in Christ.

It was a wonderful day.  The ladies and men prepared an amazing lunch for us, and we had a great time of fellowship.  We just got another 10,000 invitations printed.  Please pray for God to bless as they are delivered over the next couple weeks.  You can see a copy of them below.

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