Great St. Patrick’s Day Festival @ Church

Yesterday, we had our second annual St. Patrick’s Day Festival at the church.  Thousands of people come out on the streets and into the city for a big parade and to participate in all the events around the city.  We opened up the church for people come in for a fun time and bit of relaxation.  The parents could relax and have a cup of tea/coffee, while their children participated in a bouncy castle, face painting, donut swing, balloon burst, apple dunking, bubbles, colouring pages, and many more things.

We had a very good time today with many families and people calling in to the church.  Though, I am not sure the exact numbers, there were probably 20 volunteers and 30 visitors coming through the doors.  It was a great opportunity to meet people, talk with them, and let them know about our church.

I would like to thank all of our volunteers for the hard work that they put in today.  I would also like to thank Pastor Stephen Kennedy and the volunteers from his church who came up to help us.  It was a huge success.

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