Great Week of Evangelism in Sunderland

Monday night, I picked up a young man named Nico from Germany from the airport. I met Nico last May when Alan Campbell and I were in Germany helping a church there with a week of outreach. Nico and I have kept in touch and he came for a visit. Please pray for him as he is here with us for a couple weeks and as he goes back and seeks to be a witness in his own country.

Tuesday morning, Nico and I and three young men from our church drove up to Sunderland in the North of England for a week of training and outreach. This was the fifth year for Reach, which is a ministry of Bethesda Free Church under the direction of Alan Campbell. This was my third year to attend and help teach.

Week of evangelism Sunderland
Week of Evangelism Sunderland

We had a great group of young people stay at the church and attend training sessions each morning, outreach on the streets each afternoon, and services each evening. There were young people from various parts of the UK. I was very excited to hear that many of these young people who have been saved recently are seeking to reach their families, communities, and universities for Christ, even despite persecution and opposition.

We arrived back on Saturday evening and had a great day today at Downham Baptist Church. The Lord blessed with four visitors, three of which have just moved to London from Kuwait.

Please pray for us as we head out to youth camp in Wales tomorrow morning. There will be nineteen of us going from here. We will be joining Brimpton Baptist Church and Saron Chapel Baptist Church. Please pray for any unsaved young people to be saved and for God to really stir up the hearts of the believing young people. Please pray for safety, strength, and wisdom. Thank you so much.

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