Incredible Day of Outreach in Derry

Today was the opening of a new footbridge in our city, that crosses the Foyle River and unites the cityside with the waterside.  Thousands of people from all over the country and the world were in the city today to commemorate this momentous occasion.  It was fantastic to see the city coming together for this great event.

A group of 14 people from our church met up at 3:00 PM to head out into the crowds.  We were armed with about 4000 Peace Bridge leaflets.  The leaflets had a great picture of the bridge, and the people were clamouring to get them.  Many people were asking for 3-4 copies, some to keep and others to send to friends and family.

Most of them thought it was like a memento or keepsake card, but the cards also had a gospel message about peace on the back.  It was great to be able to give people something that they wanted, to be a positive part of today’s celebrate, and to point people to Jesus, the real giver of lasting peace.

Please pray that the seeds that were sown today will bring forth fruit that will remain in the lives of those who received the literature.  I know I was greatly encouraged by the outreach, and the buzz in the office after going out was electric, with everyone so excited about the reception.  It was definitely on of the best literature distributions we have ever done.  We gave out 4000 leaflets in about an hour!

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