It’s Not Too Late to Register for the Our Generation Camp

Only a few weeks remain until the Our Generation Camp at Fort Bluff Camp in Dayton, TN, but it is not too late to register.  If you want to go, you need to get your details sent in as soon as possible.

Why should you go? Because this this camp is a unlike any other camp you have ever been to.  It is more than just a week of entertainment and fun.  It is more than just a time to help young people live clean lives and not mess up too bad.  It could be the most important week of your life.  Here’s why:

  • The camp focuses on getting God’s vision for your life.
  • The camp speakers are missionaries from all over the world who have a real passion for God.
  • The camp will allow you to spend time with some of the dedicated servants of God on the planet.
  • The camp will turn your heart and mind to bringing glory to God through global missions.

There will also be great food, lots of fun, and plenty of time to hang out with and make friends, but it will have a very exciting emphasis on world evangelism and how everyone can be involved.  Why not plan to attend this year’s camp?  Better yet, why not bring your entire youth group?


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