January 2020 Update

Travels – Much of last month, we were in Ohio visiting family as well as sharing with churches in NC, VA, and WV along the way. We are grateful for several new churches planning to partner with us. This month, we have meetings in AL, GA, FL, TX, and TN.

Young People Surrendering to Missions – At the start of the year, our mission board hosted the Our Generation Conference, during which 19 young people surrendered to be missionaries! Thank you for praying! We strongly encourage anyone wanting to be a missionary to consider the Our Generation Training Center at our home church.

Mission Trips – When we return to the UK, we are planning to launch out into unreached areas and see what we can do to start more churches. We would love to have you come help us with several special evangelistic efforts. The dates for these trips are: Oct 26 – Nov 2, 2020; Feb 15-22, 2021; and May 31 – June 7, 2021. Click here or contact us for more info.

$2500 Needed Before the End of February – I appreciate your continued prayers for the new building for Northwest Baptist Church. Building work and electrics are almost done. Painting, flooring, and a new front door are coming. Another $1050 came in this past month, but in order to keep the work going, we need at least $2500 before the end of February! The total amount needed to finish everything is $14,985. Click here to give.

Center for World Evangelism – It is exciting to be a part of Vision Baptist Missions and to participate in so many efforts to reach the world with the gospel. Most recently, we have launched out to build a Center for World Evangelism where more missionaries can be trained. We are also looking for various individuals to help with “supporting roles” such as video production, graphic design, web development, writing, and more. For more information about this, go to www.worldevangelismcenter.org

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