January 2021 Update

Winter in the UK has brought more and more restrictions due to rising coronavirus case numbers. We are currently in a national lockdown. Please pray for wisdom in how to minister and bring hope during these challenging times.

Thankfully, churches are still permitted to hold services, though we have moved some of our meetings and discipleship times online. Please continue to pray for the Bible studies in Colchester. Almost every week new people join us! Pray for wisdom as we are considering planting a new church in Colchester in the next few months.

Please pray for the Vision Baptist Missionaries in Europe. Micah and Kathryn Rastelliare seeing the Lord bless their church plant in Sarajevo, Bosnia. Brady and Sarah Van Winkle plan to return to Turkey on February 3rd to start a church in Izmir. Dustin and Ashley Brown are hoping to have all their support raised and move to Turkey for language school on July 6th. And Sam and Beth Quinn have received their visas and will be moving here to the UK on February 23rd. Pray for more labourers for Europe.

Our home church and mission board continue to see the Lord bless with over fifty young people surrendering to missions at a recent event. If you are interested in getting training for missions, please get in touch or visit ogtc.info. Also, let us know if your church might be interested in taking up a special Easter offering to help build a building for training missionaries at the recently purchased Baptist Center for World Evangelism property. You can find more information at bcwe.org/OGEO

In addition to helping the European missionaries with Vision Baptist Missions, I have been asked to help oversee and encourage church-planters to America and Canada. Right now Vision has four families: the Canavans and Johnsons to New York City, the Sparks to Miami, and the Ellises to Toronto. 

Since we are in the UK, I will be mostly helping from a distance, but I will do my best to visit them when I am back in the States. You will be very aware of the great spiritual need in the United States and Canada, especially their major cities. Please pray for labourers and get in touch if you have an interest in church planting in North America.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support over this past year. Even though it was a challenging year for many churches, your love and support for us stayed strong. 

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