June 2019 Update

Visitors – We had many visitors this past month: friends from Northern Ireland, missionaries to Africa, and a mission team from America.

Missions WeekendThe Shumaker family, missionaries to Burkina Faso, was able to be with us for a few days in May on their way back to America for furlough. Bro. Keith preached our missions weekend and challenged our church to get more involved in world missions.

Downham Baptist – God has brought together an amazing group of members at Downham Baptist. They are a small group, but each of them has shown perseverance. Pray for them to continue to grow spiritually and numerically as they continue to take on more ministry responsibility, especially with us going on furlough in August.

Preaching – Our Exodus series is coming to an end, so we are about to start my last preaching series before we leave from the book of 2 Timothy. Also, I will be teaching more lessons on why we do and don’t do certain things at our church. Pray for our church to be mature and strong in the face of much false doctrine and false teaching that abounds in our world today.

Evangelism – The American mission team that was with us for a week from Pleasantville Baptist Church in Pleasantville, Iowa, helped us with a good amount of evangelism. They helped us to distribute almost 6,000 invitations as well as some street evangelism and door-to-door work.

Furlough Plans – Thank you for continuing to pray for our furlough plans. There is much to do, but God is helping us. We are working on booking our calendar and will do our best to visit our supporting churches as we are able. If your church does not support us, we would love to come by and present our ministry, as we are in need of raising additional support. Just get in touch.

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