June 2020 Update

When William Carey left for India in 1793 and when Adoniram Judson sailed for the East in 1812, two lesser-known men did the lion’s share of rope-holding for them. Andrew Fuller stayed in England and put together a Baptist Missionary Society to support Carey and other missionaries. Luther Rice originally sailed with Judson, but, when both he and Judson changed from being Congregationalists to Baptists, Luther returned to America to raise Baptist support for Judson and the work in Burma.

These men, Fuller and Rice, are great examples of all the modern-day “rope-holders” who help us and many other missionaries. We have certainly felt the strength of our supporters this month as you have generously helped in so many encouraging ways.

I enjoyed getting to preach many times this month, with quite a few in-person services. It was wonderful to be able to meet with God’s people in various places around the country – Pennsylvania, Ohio, Alabama, Georgia, and Louisiana. We had one new church begin supporting us this month. Please continue to pray for new monthly supporters before we return to the field in August. This new support will make up for lost support and enable us to fund more outreach and ministry when we return.

We are also looking to put together an evangelistic team that will help us focus on evangelizing needy areas, making disciples, starting Bible studies, and planting new churches. If you know someone who would be interested in being part of an evangelistic team or doing an internship with us, please let us know. You can find out more here.

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